Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For some good articles on Technology and Society

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has a Technology and Society Magazine that can be accessed through the University. For those with a limited background in the social sciences (e.g. me), I found a couple of articles from 2005 to be a good introduction to several issues related to the Center:

"Nanotechnology: risks and the media" by S.M. Friedman and B.P. Egolf

"Getting the best from nanotechnology: approaching social and ethical implications openly and proactively"
by K. Mills and C. Fleddermann

...and I haven't looked at these at all, but if you want to go all the way back to 2004 (vol. 23, issue 4):

"Nanotechnology controversies - Guest Editorial" by E.J. Woodhouse

"Nanotechnology: from Feynman to the grand challenge of molecular manufacturing" by C.L. Peterson

"The politics of small things: nanotechnology, risk, and uncertainty" by J. Wilsdon

"Does existing law fail to address nanotechnoscience?" by M. Bennett

"Anticipating military nanotechnology" by J. Altmann and M. Gubrud

"Nanotechnology's worldview: new space for old cosmologies" by A. Nordmann

"Societal dimensions of nanotechnology" by M.E. Gorman, J.F. Groves, and R.K. Catalano

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