Monday, November 20, 2006

American Institute of Physics Forum

The American Institute of Physics Forum was held last week in San Francisco with the theme, "Nanotechnology in Society and Manufacturing" (program). For those who missed it, Physics Today apparently hired Jennifer Ouellette of Cocktail Party Physics to blog the event. Since the conference spanned topics from emerging technologies, risk, to industry economics, her coverage does likewise. I examined their archives, and arranged the links in chronological order:

Nano Fever Hits the Bay Area
Jennifer introduces the conference, nanotechnology and its significance.

Cancer-Fighting "Molecular Velcro"
Work towards a nano-based "smart cancer sensor" therapy

Rate Your Favorite Nanotech Start-Up!
Comments on the Lux Research report on nanotech startup strategies.

Quote of the Day
An entry on Intel's Michael Mayberry talk. His main point was that the most promising R&D on nanoelectronics focuses on the less complex.

...But He Didn't Inhale
Coverage of the Woodrow Wilson Institute's Andrew Maynard talk on overseeing nanotechnology risk.

It's All About the Wireless
Wireless power transmission.

Where To Get Your Nano On
Jennifer enumerates the nano blogs of note.

Founding Father
Richard Feynman's optimism for nanotechnology stemmed from the tiny workings of nature.

Here Comes the Sun
About colloidal nanocrystals and photovoltaics

That's a Wrap!
A summary of a few other interesting items from the conference:

  • inorganic colloidal nanocrystals as an alternative to quantum dots in fluorescent biological labeling applications

  • environmental remediation with zero-valent iron nanoparticles

  • recent advances in laser wakefield accelerators. Applications include drivers for light sources and high-energy particle acceleration.

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