Monday, July 09, 2012

Welcome CNS Summer Interns

Greetings to our CNS-UCSB summer interns for 2012. Since arriving on June 18, the four interns have worked closely with their graduate student mentors on projects furthering the aims of their Interdisciplinary Research Groups.

The interns themselves will tell you more about themselves and their work in their upcoming blog entries. So for now, I'd like to briefly introduce them, and urge readers to check out their bios  on the CNS Website.

Gianna Haro is working with mentor Roger Eardley-Pryor (IRG 1) to explore metaphors shaping the regulation of nanotechnology policies.

Kelly Landers is working with mentor Galen Stocking (IRG 2) to map the nanoenterprise and nano educational opportunities in California.

Eddie Triste is working with mentor Cassandra Engeman (IRG 3) to identify non-governmental organizations (NGOs) addressing nano regulatory issues in the U.S. and internationally.

Bryan Phillips is working with mentor Zach Horton (X-IRG) to  describe the aspects of the  innovation process that help and hinder the development of the nano-solar industry.

Stay tuned for further details about this exciting work.


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  3. Hi Cathy, thank you for the quick introduction and creating our profiles on the CNS web page. I will be posting my project description soon and a brief overview of my amazing experience at CNS. The blog and our profiles in the CNS page look very nice and I am looking forward for future posts. This is a great contribution to the outreach and media development of CNS.