Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Good Article

Nice to see some more activity here. For those interested in the nano -- sci-fi connection, look at Daniel Patrick Thurs's piece in the September 2007 issue of Science Communication. Entitled "Tiny Tech, Transcendent tech," it offers an excellent look at the various ways sci-fi has been used by various communities to promote (and sometimes oppose) nanotech. It also has some trenchant points about how science communication with the public, especially when it comes to trying to make science noteworthy, now often relies on sci-fi imagery despite the problems this may pose.

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  1. I'll have to check this out since I really enjoyed Millburn's and Schummer's analyses of the role of fiction in science. There is considerable danger in over-promising a given technology or science. The inevitable disappointment of not having lived up to the science-fiction vision surely leads to disillusionment ... and disillusionment is sure to damage the credibility of science in general, if not specific fields (like nano)in particular.