Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lots of Nanotechnology at the American Chemical Society Meeting

I am currently attending the ACS National Meeting in Chicago. They have had dozens of nanotechnology themed sessions and posters for their new journal, ACS Nano, are near all of the rooms where materials science talks are held. There have been seminars with the following titles among others.
  • Nanoscience Fostered Advances in Sustainability
  • Unconventional Processes for Nanostructured and Microstructured Polymers and Emerging Frontiers in Polyolefins
  • Nanostructures from Block Copolymers and Supramolecular Polymers
  • Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education
  • Ensuring the Effective Patent Protection of Innovative Molecular Technology
  • Nanoscience: Synthesis
  • One dimensional Nanomaterials
  • Nanoscale Inorganic Catalysis
  • Nanoscience: Characterization and Application
  • Nanotechnology and the Environment: Focus on Green Nanotechnology
  • Environmental Characterization, Impacts and Applications of Nanocarbons
We should be sending the social science fellows to this meeting twice a year. It would be worth every penny. They would learn a lot and have an opportunity to ask the top scientists great questions.


  1. It's worth thinking about but does beggar the question of how much science do our Social Science/Humanities fellows need to know. And should we require science fellows to attend their meetings for reciprocity's sake?

  2. Hey Aaron, I hope you went to this session - "Ensuring the Effective Patent Protection of Innovative Molecular Technology." send content!