Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Laptops are Predictable

Science and Engineering undergraduates can get paid thousands of dollars to do summer research at other schools or even in exotic foreign universities. It builds their resume and they learn a lot. So few students are motivated enough to apply for these programs. Some of these programs have a nanotechnology theme. I wonder if they are the more popular programs? Perhaps this will say a lot about what to expect from the future.


  1. Do you have any stats about the numbers of people applying and what percentage of positions available go unfilled?

  2. Aaron,
    Are you talking about your personal experiences here? I agree that research experience as an undergrad is extremely important, particularly for those interested in applying to grad schools.
    Thus, I was under the impression that these programs were pretty popular and competitive. Is this not the case? Could you provide more info?
    Thanks -joe

  3. I do not have any stats about the percentage of students that apply or the number of unfilled positions. I think that it says something about the undergraduate programs here that those statistics are not gathered or published.

    I agree that the programs in engineering are are popular and competetive. The programs in the fundamental sciences are often overlooked. Doctor Laverman was the only person aggressively pushing undergraduate resarch in my department till I made a website and started evangelizing in lecture and lab classes.

    I would like to be given the go ahead and support from my department to begin collecting undergraduate research statistics on all of the students.