Sunday, December 24, 2006

VivaGel is Medical Nanotechnology

Starpharma is advancing a gel that can stem the spread of HIV and Herpes through clinical trials and anticipates that it will find a multibillion dollar market. The gel is composed of dendrimers, highly branched polymers. These big molecules latch onto viral particles and prevent them from being infectious. The catholic church may even support using it in Africa because it is not a form of contraception. This may be the first mass market drug that is marketed as nanotechnology. How the public views medical nanotechnology may be determined to some large extent by this company with the slogan, "Leading the World in Nanomedicine." Their advertising campaigns and the success of their product and the public reaction will be fun to watch.


  1. Medical nanotechnology is the highly anticipated science of the new millenium to pave the way for discovery of more effective medicine for prevention of cancer and other fatal diseases.At this point of time, the whole world is unaware of nano's potential in the medical field and its contribution to the well-being of mankind.

  2. Nanotechnology is spreading its wings. Its a small thing with big applications. SWNTs can be used in medicines and drug delivery systems and contribute towards the improvement of health.