Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Economic Development of Nanotechnology

The following popped up on my homepage today ( (I like to change my hompage to different nano groups every so often for a change of perspective.

"29 November 2006, CORDIS

The economic development of nanotechnology

After the two predecessors "Some figures about nanotechnology R&D in Europe and beyond", published in December 2005 and "Results of the informal collection of inputs for nanotechnology R&D in the field of (eco) toxicology", published in June 2006, this article analyses the economic development of nanotechnology.

The present analyses are based on indicators of the economic development of nanotechnology that can be publicly accessed. A focus has been put on the analysis of Europe compared to its main competitors".


  1. Rachel-
    Thaks for sharing this.

  2. Interesting article, and an excellent blog this is.

    I've been blogging about nanotechnology, for more than one year now, and this is definitely one blog to add to my daily readings.
    Hope to see many updates here in the future, the nanotech blog community needs it.

    I've found this blog in Daily Nexus Online article about the impact blogs have in the nanotechnology R&D sector. I believe the share of detailed information and even basic concepts about nanotech must be spread to these new media.

    My blog is more related to nanotechnology companies and markets.